Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom Mavrovo

For the 18th year in a row, the Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom is held on the ski slopes of Mavrovo, where companies have the opportunity by using the ski competition to help those in need.

The first humanitarian giant slalom competition was held back on 7th – 9th of March in 2003. The competition was held on the “Galichki” ski-lift in parallel giant slalom and giant slalom disciplines, with more than 100 competitors (35 teams).

This year yet again, it will be held on 21st until 23rd of February, 2020. AHGS (Amateur Humanitarian Giant Slalom) achieved a lot of humanitarian causes, and yet this years cause is to help those that do not have any opportunity to afford daily meals, warm clothes on these cold days. The donation of this years humanitarian act will be destined for the “PAWsitive Impact” movement, a project implemented by Impact Foundation, non-profit organization AMOS Shelter and Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha, to help and deal with the stray animals. The funds collected on this event will be used for:

  • Forming a team to volunteer and help the destination Mavrovo

  • Raising awareness for responsibility towards stray animals

  • Information and organization of a system for separating, selecting, packing and delivering food from all hotels in Destination Mavrovo to the homeless dog station of Amos Shelter in Gostivar and at well known locations in the village of Mavrovo
  • Sterilization of stray dogs in Mavrovo, vaccination and purification of parasites
  • Movement for housing homeless animals from Mavrovo and AMOS Shelter Gostivar

  • Creating a team building program where socially responsible companies can help build housing and shelter for homeless animals

  • Construction of warm eco-houses from wood and straw at different locations in the village of Mavrovo where puppies can stay temporary.



  • Each company has the opportunity to register its own team. One team must consist of 3 participants;
  • The team can be made of skiers only or snowboarders only, or it can be mixed, skiers and snowboarders;
  • The participants are divided in skiers and snowboarders, everyone in their own category, male or female. The male category is divided in juniors (until 40 years of age) and veterans (40+); 
  • Registering a team costs 12.000mkd.
  • Only the three registered participants of the team have the right to have the starting numbers,
  • Every company can register more than one team.



STEP No. 1

Send an e-mail to with the following subject: REGISTERING for the 18th AHGS, and you will receive a mail with an application form.

STEP No. 2
Fill out the application form correctly, and send it attached to the same e-mail address.

STEP No. 3

Pay the registration fee for each team (12.000mkd a team) on the next deponent and send the payment receipt scanned on

NLB Tutunska Banka AD Skopje

Every team has the right to put his flag/banner on the finish line (2mx1m).



A team must consist 3 competitors. The competition will be in skiing and snowboarding. With that, the teams can be mixed when registered, or the team can be made of skiers and snowboarders.

The competitions will be organized professionally. The Ski Center Mavrovo as an organizer of this humanitarian giant slalom race, in cooperation with the Skiing Association of Macedonia, already made the program and prepositions which help organize the qualifying and final races. The competition will be conducted on the Galichki ski-lift. The time will be measured electronically, whilst the officials of the races are the well known referees, Mr.Viktor Krstevski – Viksa and Mr. Johan Elzeser.

The competition will start as for 1 qualification slide for every registered participant in both disciplines. Female participants go first, then the seniors which are aged +40, as for the youngest, they start last. The best 8 of every category will qualify for the final race on Sunday. For the team part of the competition which ends on Saturday, the two best times of the three qualifiers for each discipline apply.

The teams register amateur skiers or borders, in the male or female competition, amateurs and those that do not compete professionally as of 2010/2011.

If during and after the competition a team does not comply with the rules and prepositions, the same teams will be disqualified.